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Business School’s Volunteer Activity on Primary Campus Security

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Business School’s Volunteer Activity on Primary Campus Security

On March 26 and March 29, Practice Department and Youth Volunteer Work Department of Communist Youth League of Business School held volunteer activities on primary campus security in Xiangjiang Experimental Primary School and Chaozong Street Primary School which aimed to cultivate self-protection and self-protection of primary students as well as to increase the awareness of campus security of pupils, parents, and schools.

In Xiangjiang Experimental Primary School, volunteers introduced primary campus security with a short film on campus safety, followed up by four vivid stories of campus safety (stampede, physical activity accidents, fire accidents, and health accidents) with illustrations. In the prize-giving quiz, pupils enthusiastically raced to be the first to answer the questions. At last volunteers and children sang the song Manual of Youth together to learn the know-how on campus security.

In Chaozongjie Primary School, in order to enable the children to acquire more campus security knowledge, volunteer team members divided children into several groups and then designed ten-minute sitcoms on campus security for each group to play. Children acquired a better understanding of campus security with this immersing experience and their wonderful performances were also well received by the parents. Later volunteers also carried out a special law lecture popularizing campus security-related laws and regulations. During the whole activity, volunteers also visited the parents and collected a number of suggestions on campus security education in order to respond to the authorities.


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