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Business Administration

First-level Discipline Code and Name: 1202 Business Administration
Second-level Discipline Code and Name: 120201 Accounting
                                   120202 Enterprise Management
                                   120203 Tourism Management
                                   120204TechnologyEconomicsand Management
I Profile, Advantages and Characteristics of Disciplines
Business Administration is a first-level discipline, which is categorized in management and targets on social micro-economic organizations, systematically researches common rules and application methods on management activities. Concretely, the business administration discipline has been founded on economics and behavioral science, treating issues in organization operating and managing as research objects with mathematical analysis and case analysis being such as statistics and operations being researching approaches. The discipline probe into the formation, feature of various decisions in enterprises and the connections among them, and then explores, generalizes and concludes rules and management techniques that can assist in promoting efficiency and effectiveness from the above researches. Providing theoretical support and scientific instructions for enterprises in their operative decision-making and practical management activities, cultivating talents in different managing fields, increasing management and operation efficiency as well as promoting sustainable development of enterprises, society and economy are the aims of business administration academic research.

Discipline of Business Administration, abiding by national demands and serving for constructions of regional economy and covering three fields of basic research, applied basic research and applied research, has formed characteristic and stable research fields including small and medium-sized enterprise management, organizational behavior and human resources, corporate finance and accounting, logistics and supply chain management, corporate governance and capital operation, project appraisal and management, entrepreneurship and enterprise growth, regional and industry economy management, and strategy of metal resources. With young faculty leading the discipline research, a large number of brilliant talents have been trained, contributing to years’ accumulation of abundant graduate training experience. A large number of national or provincial prizes of scientific researches have been awarded while a serial of significant national and provincial and academy-enterprise-cooperating projects were successfully conducted with ample researching funds, dwarfing other Chinese universities in overall level.

II Cultivation Objectives
The training goals of this discipline are not only equipping our talents with comprehensive and solid knowledge on management, abilities to analyze, research and solve theoretic or practical management cases by making use of these theories and methods of management, but improving their innovation skills in theories and practice and their abilities in undertaking applied researches on pragmatic management issue and practical capabilities in enterprise management. These goals can be specified as:
(1) With a systematical and intensive acquisition of basic Business Administration theories and relevant theory systems of their major and with, students, while mastering basic techniques in management theories research and applied research, should be good at applying theories into practice to solve major problems in Business Administration theories and practices.

(2) Students, who major in the second-level discipline of business administration, should be able to systematically and intensively master the theories, methods and applications of these fields and grasp the main research issues and research status at home and abroad and wield researching methods and tools of management skillfully including theoretical models, empirical research, applied research and relevant academic research so as to form unique academic views.

(3) Proficient foreign language serves the reading of relevant literature, communicating with foreigners and high-standard thesis writing.

III Main Research fields
1. Accounting
2. Enterprise Management
3. Technical Economics and Management
4. Tourism Management
5. Financial Management
6. Human Resources Management
7. Marketing
8. Investment Management
9. Project Management
10. Corporate Governance
11. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
12. Service Management
13. Strategic Management
14. Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Management
15. Regional and Industrial Economic Management
16. Resource Economics and Management

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