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MPAcc, MF:
MPAcc and MF Programs of CSU, based on the particularity of master's degree of Professional Accounting, adopt dual supervisor system, which means the joint guidance and cultivation with supervisors at school by employing experts from the business circle as adjunct supervisors with rich experience and high theoretical achievements.
MPAccand MF programs adhere to the school policies of gearing to the market, stickto the development strategy of combining brand and quality, abide by the education philosophy of putting students first and implement the education scheme characterized by giving equal importance to theories and practice in a systematic and modular manner. Students will enhance their capabilities for practical application and comprehensive qualities with the adoption of the cultivation mode that integrates theories and practice, classroom learning and practical teaching.

Currently, the Chinese Ministry of Education is planning to implement the “Leading Talent Training Plan in Engineering”. In order to train and provide for the country high-quality and interdisciplinary management talents with the combination of “Technology and Management” in the engineering field, the Business School set up Master of Engineering Management center in June, 2009 to intensify the efforts to cultivate engineering masters (including fields of project management, logistics engineering and industrial engineering). In the past five years, six training bases under engineering master program have been established in large enterprises such as Chinese Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC) and China State Construction Engineering Corporation(CSCEC), etc and formed the base training pattern with industrial characteristics. In 2012, the school obtained Master of Project Management in engineering area and International Project Management Professional (IPMP) cooperation qualification.

Ⅰ.Introduction of Master of Project Management Program
1. Program Profile and Enrollment Targets
Project Management has been widely applied to various fields such as architecture, national defense, spaceflight, railway, automobiles, electronics, communication, computers, software development, pharmacy, conference and exhibition, finance, school and government departments and social groups.
The targeted students in this field mainly include middle and senior project managers in the enterprises, directors of project operation and management personnel; project appraisers and consultants of professional advisory agencies; planning managers in charge of carrying out the project; management personnel, principals and career managers of the government departments, enterprises and public institutions and teachers responsible for teaching the project management in various schools.
2. Main Research Direction:
① Enterprise Project Management;
② Financial Project Management;
③ Engineering Project Management;
④ Real Estate Project Management.

Ⅱ.Introduction of Master of Logistics Engineering Program
1. Program Profile and Enrollment Targets
Logistics Engineering is an engineering field, which targets logistics system and studies the resource allocation of the logistics system as well as control, operation and management of the logistics operation process.
The targeted students in this field mainly include working staff of enterprises, who are responsible for work such as planning the development strategy of logistics enterprises, operation and management, transportation planning, inventory management and international logistics management, etc; personnel, in the government departments or public institutions, taking up the development planning of logistics industries, infrastructure planning of urban logistics and policy planning for the logistics industrial development; teachers in charge of logistics teaching and personnel responsible for logistics consultation in the advisory organizations.
2. Main Research Direction:
① Logistics system planning and management;
② Logistics management information system;
③International logistics management

Ⅲ.Introduction of Master of Industrial Engineering Program
1. Program Profile and Enrollment Targets
Industrial Engineering is a comprehensive engineering field combining engineering technology and management technology. It aims to reduce the costs and improves the quality and productivity, and adopts systematic, professional and scientific method and employs an overall knowledge of multiple disciplines. Industrial engineers have become the second major occupation within the category of engineers in America.
The targeted students mainly include personnel taking up the work such as engineering quality management, engineering human resource management, engineering cost management, production operation management and field-work management in the enterprises and public institutions as well as teachers responsible for course teaching in terms of quality management, human resource management and production operation management, etc.
2. Main Research Direction:
① Production operation management;
②Information management and information system;
③Quality management;
④ Field-work Management

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