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Business Forum---New Normal and New Chance (Prof. Keng HE)

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Time: 2014-12-15 15:30
Place: Administration Building 508
Subject: New Normal and New Chance
Lecturer: Prof. Keng HE, the Honorary Dean of School of Statistics of Central University of Finance and Economics
A Brief Introduction to Prof. Keng HE:
Keng HE is a famous Statistics Educator, an Econometrician, and a Pilot of Chinese Econometrics. He was born in Linxiang, Hunan Province in May, 1942, and graduated from Hubei University (this is not the Hubei University reformed from Wuhan Teachers College in 1980s, but the old Hubei University before the Cultural Revolution, namely Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.) in July, 1965, and he began to enjoy Government Special Allowance from the State Council in 1992. He has served successively as a Professor of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, the Dean of Xi'an Statistics Institute, Deputy Director of National Bureau of Statistics, etc. he has also taken up the post of the President of Statistical Education Society of China, the Vice-president of the Statistical Society of China, the Executive Director of Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics, China Information Economics Society, and China Society of Urban Economy, the Director of National Statistics Textbook Compilation Committee, Deputy Director of Academic Committee of National Statistical Science, the Leader of Statistics Group of National Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning Leading Group, the Member of Expert Committee of State Information Office, the Director of Editorial Board of “Research on Statistics”, the Dean of Training Institute of International Statistical Cadres, the Honorary Dean of Xi'an Statistics Institute, a Member of the Tenth NPC Standing Committee, a Member of The Finance Committee, the of Vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Jiu San (Sept 3rd) Society. In March, 2008, he was appointed the Vice-chairman of Finance Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress.

Prof. Keng HE has been engaging in teaching and research work in universities for a long time. Whether in universities or in government departments, he is always paying great attention to the development of Chinese statistics career. He is a pioneer of Chinese Statistical Thinking. He has published almost 10 monographs including “Principle and Application of Econometrics”, and over 50 academic papers. He has also presided over 20 Soft Science Projects, some of which reached the international advanced level. During his 12 years’ working in school, it comes the turn point of statistics disciplines. Prof. HE strongly advocated reform, and did lots of pioneering work, for example, he has broadened the research fields of statistics, and expended single Economic Statistics into five directions of Socioeconomic Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, National Economic Accounting Theory, Econometric Analysis, and Statistical Accounting Automation. He is the first professor setting up Specialized Direction of Mathematical Statistics. He also established the Institute of Quantitative Economics, and promoted Educational Reform by undertaking scientific research task. He has not only improved the quality of education for postgraduates and doctors, but also established a status for research on Quantity Economics in the whole country.

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