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Seniors Lecture--Pro. Wang Shouchang Delivered a Speech “Chinese Management Wisdom”

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On 15th March, under the theme of “Chinese Management Wisdom”, a masterly speech was held in the classroom of Management Building. The lecturer was Pro. Wang Shouchang, scholar and renowned experts in Chinese philosophy, history of thoughts and science of religious. The speech was conducted by Liu Yongmei, vice dean of Business School. Hundreds of students attended the fascinating lecture.

Pro. Wang Shouchang is the current famous professor from Peking University and the dean of Academy of Chinese Culture. He is one of the three groups of “culture hot” in the 1980s, the participant and the practitioner of sinology in the new epoch of China.

The attended students were affected by Pro. Wang’s modest attitude and rigorous scholarship. During the lecture, Pro. Wang held that Hegel was totally limited by thinking that there is no philosophy in Chinese Culture. Different from the Western Culture, our philosophy exists in the form of “metaphysics”, that is the “What is above the form is called the Dao, What is below the form is called the QI” recorded by The Book of Changes. The ancient Chinese philosophy has a long history and the splendid thoughts have penetrated in all aspects. In literature, the famous idea “Something self doesn't want forcedly not accepted by others” mentioned in the analects of Confucius. In medical treatment, "combination of Yin and Yang" are recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica. In military affairs, as Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said, “know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war.”

In the end of the lecture,  Pro. Wang presented his viewpoint in terms of the question put forward by the students. Finally, Pro.Wang made a summing up of the Chinese Management Wisdom and the whole lecture ended up with a warm and solemn atmosphere.

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